Saturday, September 2, 2017

Vladivostok, Russia (2017)

- an Old Korean Bus
It used to go around Daegu, Korea.
I was so shocked when I saw it, there are so many old Korean buses.

- Fountains and Sea Shore
in Arbat Street

- Statue Honoring Soviet Soldier, Trumpeter
in Central Park

- Statue of Honoring Soviet Soldiers
in Central Park

- Pure sky, Lots of Clouds
near Vladivostok Train Station

- a Sailor Wearing a Garland
I think he is waiting a Taxi to home

- a Proposal

- Flame Dance
They were dancing with fire

- a Coffee Shop
I cannot even read the name of the coffee shop, even now

- Submarine C-45 

- Borsch
Meat stew made with vegetables

- Pelmeni
Russian dumpling

 - Golden Horn Bay Bridge
from Eagle's Nest Hill 

- Locks
Many couples made a promise of eternal love

- a Night view of Golden Horn Bay Bridge
Nice view, water, trails of car lights

- Graffities
Graffities are literally everywhere in Vladivostok

- a View From the sky
I really hoped to see a view of North Korea.
But I could not see anything of North Korea because of too much clouds

- Time-Lapse

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